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About EZ Growth School

Did you know that there are more non tech roles than tech roles in the tech industry? Bet you didn’t! But think about the business development executives,the marketing executives, the customer support executives and the other essential staff too numerous to mention who have to keep these tech companies running and growing. And this is exactly why EZ Growth School exists, to train exceptional growth talents! 

EZ Growth School has been set up as an unconventional School offering exhilarating learning experiences that build both technical and soft skills in our students, which do not only help them get into, but also flourish in their dream growth roles.

At EZ Growth School, we ensure that you are equipped with top notch training that empowers you with the right mindset and skill sets to function effectively in business growth and development roles. 

So, are you a young undergraduate student, a fresh graduate, an unemployed or underemployed graduate or someone who wants to transition from your current career path into a no code career in tech and you need to upskill? 

We got you! Enrol now for the next cohort!

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