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About the program

EZGrowthSchool is a very unconventional school providing experiences that help students build both technical and soft skills to help them get into and excel in their dream Growth roles.

Available courses in the school

  • Product marketing
  • Growth marketing
  • Business marketing


EzGrowthSchool’s Affiliate program is one of the highly rewarding affiliate programs and it offers you an opportunity to create impact while making money.

What do you do? What am I referring people to? Where is the impact?

EZGrowthSchool is an impact-driven school set out to build our students into skilled growth talents for their dream startup, venture or business.

With a tuition of ₦105,000 ($210) to our 4- month growth/product/business marketing course, growth talents get all they need to succeed in the growth space

What are you waiting for? Signup before we reach our affiliate limits

This opportunity is for a selected few!

Below are more answers to questions you might have

Here Is How To Signup & Get Started:

STEP 1: Register on our affiliate platform via https://phlyter.com/affiliate-registration/

It’s a simple form

STEP 2: When you submit, and your application is approved. Your dashboard will look like this.

STEP 3: Simply copy your referral URL and start sharing.


How Do I Generate My Referral URL?

That’s quite easy, you just need to click on the referral URL button, and boom, you see it  there.

How Do I Measure?

That’s quite easy, you just need to click on the statistic section of the dashboard, and boom, you see it all there.

You can see the Campaign we created above right there. That means you know the campaign outreach brings in the result. Converted means, purchased.

Is This A Multi Level Marketing or Something?

Nope!. This is an opportunity for you to share in our social impact story and not just for free. Of course, we want to create a source of income for you as well.

Instead of paying Facebook and Google for advertisements, we want to empower those who are ready to make a change.

How We Make It Easy For You To Refer People

  1. If you click on the creatives section, we have put a link to marketing materials, flyers, Caption samples, and so many other things. You don’t have to do any work other than copy and share


2. When you share, the website tracks the person for at least 7 days, which means, if they don’t buy right away, you still stand a chance to get the reward when they come back to the website to purchase.

3. We will be running a massive Facebook remarketing ad to ensure they come back.

So, that means, all you have to do is to share, we will try to remind them to ensure they buy.

For any other questions or inquiries, please click on the Whatsapp Icon to join our affiliate marketers community we will be happy to have you onboard

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