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Sometimes, people can do great things, but they never do because they don’t believe in themselves.

If you believe in yourself, money should not stop you from getting a well-paying job in a top tech company

Even if you don’t have enough money for the tuition,

We want to give you the training you need, help you get a well-paying job and only get a percentage of your salary for a few months.

We will

  1. Encourage you to put in your best.
  2. Make sure the courses you are taking are not too hard for your level.
  3. Have mentorship sessions with you to help you figure out the path that you can quickly excel in.
  4. Put you in teams that will help you become better in your chosen field.

We are sure we can help you achieve a brighter future.

How willing are you?

Follow these 6 simple steps, to get into the school for free, get a job and pay the tuition from your salary.

  1. Put your right hand on your chest. Yes, right there. Good.
  2. Repeat after me, “I will put in my best” Done that? Great.
  3. To avoid wasting our time on unserious people, we require that you pay a registration fee of 15,000naira.

People spend up to 1million naira on a University degree and 4 years of their lives yet they beg for a 15,000naira job.

Is 15,000 naira too much to pay for a brighter future for yourself?

You decide.

4. Fill in the application form.
5. Get into the school.
6. Graduate and pick a job with the best salary.

Invest 15,000 naira and get a profitable career in tech

Please note: We will do our best to ensure that you are committed to your growth.

Hence, the application fee is non-refundable.

How  The Student Loan Application Works

Why Pay 10k Application Fee first 

This is some form of commitment fee, to convince the loan board how important taking this course is really to you, and that you won’t in any way try to take the four months of learning lightly.

What is The Guarantee of Being Granted

The guarantee of being granted is solely dependent on you and how quick you apply. How you honestly provide answers to the questions asked, the authenticity and sincerity of your response, as every information or answer supplied will be verified by the board.

  1. Pay $30 / N15,000 Non Refundable Study Loan Application

  2. You fill out the student loan application form

  3. We review your submission and perform all background check

  4. You get enrolled into the school

  5. After study, you pay back the tuition loan (this could be after you get into a job)

Please Note:

  • Study loan is available to as many students that apply
  • Your study loan application is solely dependent on how legitimate your form responses are
  • Your guarantor will need to send us a signed form of their consent to stand in for you

How Much Will You Pay Back?

Depends on you.

You can pay

  • $260 one week after the school ends
  • $265 one month after graduation
  • Pay In 3 Months 
    Pay $95 first and $90 in the second and third month.
  • Pay In 6 Months
    Pay $50 first and $40 only every month for the next 5 months.
  • Pay In 1 Year
    Pay $30 for the first 10 months and $20 in the 11th month.

Obviously, money is no longer a problem. 

You simply tell us which one is most convenient for you.

One thing we promise you is that we will work with you to make sure you excel. 

It is a partnership, you want a job, and we want our tuition back. So, we are in this together 🙂

How badly do you want to get a career that brings you sustainable income and lets you enjoy the financial freedom you dream of?

Invest 15,000 naira and get a profitable career in tech

Do you have further questions? Please reach us here: growthschool@equilibriumzone.org

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