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Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing, an In-demand role.

If you want an exciting and fast-paced career, Consider becoming a growth marketing manager. You get to use your creativity, analytical mind, and interpersonal skills in this emerging field. What skills and training do you need, exactly? Read on…

Want an exciting and fast-paced digital marketing career? Then consider becoming a growth marketing manager.

This role also goes by many other names, such as: “growth hacker,” “growth marketing manager,” “demand generation marketer,” “performance marketer,” or “digital marketing manager.”

What is growth marketing?

Over 500,000 new businesses start in Nigeria every year, and over 200 billion dollars are collectively spent on marketing each year.

In such a crowded environment, it can be hard for any company to stand out.

To break through the noise, it’s become increasingly important to have a marketing strategy that is creative, iterative, and compelling. A strategy that not only helps with customer acquisition, but one that is a breeding ground for virality, word of mouth, and organic growth.

This new and powerful way of building a loyal user base has a name: growth marketing.

Let’s take a look at what growth marketing entails and see what it takes to become a successful growth marketer.

Growth marketing is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business. 

In a way, it’s an updated version of conventional marketing that is mixed with unconventional strategies, new technologies and data.

It adds new layers to traditional marketing models such as A/B testing, data-driven marketing campaigns, AI, automation, SEO optimization, analysis of user experience or dynamics ads and so on.

Traditional marketers are often masters at one thing like copywriting, design or video marketing and so on. But growth marketers need to know more than one thing because they have to run a bunch of different experiments.

So they should be able to design the visual, write the copy, shoot a video, edit the video, set the Facebook ads, run A/B tests and then analyze the data of the ads to understand what happened.

What are the benefits of growth marketing

In this new era of digitalization, the value of growth marketing cannot be overlooked and because of this, Companies that understand the value are making the pivot to hire growth marketers and growth managers. They are doing this base on the following reasons;

1)Growth marketing prioritizes revenue;

Traditional Marketing cannot prioritise revenue for a company or business because it only hits the top of sales funnels, Growth marketing not only hits the sales funnel, it builds revenue through marketing.

2)Growth marketing is Data-driven:

 No more gut feelings. You can measure all of your marketing efforts and know exactly where you’re heading.

3)Growth marketing Effectively and Efficiently Acquire New Customers;

An effective growth marketing strategy will work across several channels to reach a wide and diverse customer base

4)Growth Marketing Retains Current Customers ;

Customer retention is crucial in today’s demanding market. There is no point in getting new customers if you can’t retain them. This is where growth marketing can help. Growth marketers keep current customers engaged through carefully planned ads, emails and the language used. I 

If done correctly, growth marketing can be extremely beneficial. Otherwise, it will be quite expensive in terms of promotion and every other activity involved.

Hard skills every growth marketing manager needs

Over and above the foundational skills every digital marketer should have, the essential hard skills for a growth marketing manager are:

Acquisition marketing

Acquisition marketing refers to the use of various channels to attract or get new customers. This is a very broad area that covers both organic and paid channels. A growth marketing manager needs to know a little bit about everything, from content marketing and SEO to social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

Analytical skills

As a growth marketing manager, you must be comfortable with data—and yes, that means math. On top of that, you need to know how to interpret data and apply logical thinking to extract insights from them.

Marketing automation

When it comes to growth marketing, scalability is the name of the game. And you can’t scale without harnessing the power of automation. Growth marketing managers use a variety of tools for marketing automation (more on these specific tools below).

Basic design

It’s also incredibly helpful for a growth marketing manager to have basic design skills. They have to be able to quickly create simple creative assets like landing pages, presentations, or ads. That’s because experiments often have to be executed fast. And this means growth hackers making their designs as.

Project management

Finally, to succeed as a growth marketer, you need solid project management skills. You’ll be juggling several campaigns at the same time, managing people, and collaborating with others. You’ll also be in charge of a budget.

Hope you learned something new by reading this!

See you around.


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