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Two things led you to click this link.

One, your curiosity about the topic of technical marketing.

Two, the need to understand how to get people to click on links you send them, just as you clicked on this link.

I will answer question one in a bit. But the quickest answer to question two is to sign up for EZGrowthSchool’s January 2023 Tech Marketing programme.

If you still have any doubts about the answer given to question two, the rest of the article will spell them out and address them succinctly

Your rise lifts us higher, after all.

What is Tech Marketing?

Every day as you scroll through your timeline, read your favourite blogs, or even open your favourite apps, you are bombarded with brands offering different goods and services.

Some of the methods they employ are really cringey, but they’re tech marketing efforts nonetheless.

Tech marketing probably does not stand for what you think it is.

The term, in full, is in fact, “Technical Marketing”.

Indeed.com, one of the world’s leading recruitment platforms, defines it as “promoting the features and specifications of a product or service.”

The article goes on to describe tech marketing as a “specific type of marketing (that) highlights technical aspects that people with a basic understanding of the product or service may appreciate.”

In essence, tech marketing helps you see the bigger picture of a product or service by introducing you to the parts that make up the whole.

Let us make one thing clear, though.

Tech marketing’s style of focusing on features appeals to prospective customers who already have an idea of how to use the product.

This means that, if you’re selling a phone using technical marketing methods, you’re telling people about features like the battery capacity, RAM size, and camera megapixels.

It sounds very exclusive, we know.

But in 2023, this is the method being employed because brands are creating loads more digital products.

And that is why the world needs more technical marketers.

How to Become a Tech Marketer

You don’t become a tech marketer. No.

There is no job description like that anywhere.

However, there are product marketers and growth marketers.

These two roles make up the tech marketing discipline and only the Avatar, master of these two elements, is worthy of introducing themselves as a tech marketer.

I’ll tell you why I likened being a true tech marketer to being the Avatar.

Product marketing is a subgenre of tech marketing that deals with taking a product to its intended market.

A product marketer understands the pain points of the eventual consumer and relays it to the product developers for the brand, who then build exactly what the customer needs.

Then they begin their marketing efforts, highlighting the product’s features, as they generate leads that eventually become sales.

Where the product marketer’s role ends, is where the growth marketer’s role begins.

After working with the product marketer to create a go-to-market strategy, the growth marketer begins to study data.

The growth marketer ponders over data detailing the length of time the customers spend using the product, how long they spend before buying, how much they are willing to pay for certain features, and so on.

Then they create a strategy to make this data trend positively for the company.

As you can see, both roles are very demanding.

Only the Avatar can take them both on without breaking a sweat.

Sign Up for the EZGrowthSchool January 2023 Tech Marketing Programme

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