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Growth Stories

“Tech Marketing Allows me put my Psychology Training to Use” – Tobenna Chukwuma

You cannot be a successful marketer if you don’t have the ability to sniff out what people want.

And that is why the greatest marketers of all time always link it to the discipline of psychology – the study of human behaviour.

From the wants and needs to why the human wants or needs certain things, to understanding why they want and need these things to finding out the reason behind these wants and needs as well as the limits they are willing to push for those wants and needs, psychology opens up a whole world to marketers.

This is why Tobenna Chukwuma got intrigued enough to pick up a marketing degree after a psychology one.

“Before delving into tech, I obtained a marketing degree from Covenant University [Ogun State, Nigeria],” Tobenna shares. “My background in psychology sparked my fascination with marketing. Following my graduation, I became a part of a community of writers and composed numerous stories and essays for individuals.

“During this writing journey, I was introduced to the concept of content marketing.”

Content marketing is just one of many branches of tech marketing. And as Tobenna continued to practice, he began to understand the psychology behind the kind of content that worked for marketing efforts.

His world opened to the idea that there’s more to what he was involved in.

Tobenna reminisces on why he chose to study and pursue a career in marketing and how psychology pushed him to that path. “I made the decision to pursue a career in marketing during my third year of university when I discovered the connection between marketing and psychology.

“Enrolling in a psychology course was a real eye-opener for me.”

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But content marketing felt limiting to him. “After a while, I grew tired of the lack of challenge and wanted to take on more responsibility, and gain more knowledge and experience. So, I made the decision to quit my job at the time and pursue further education in marketing.”

That was how he came to fully understand that marketing and technology could intersect, and that content marketing was only but a part of the broader tech marketing picture.

He speaks glowingly of how much fundamentals of psychology are applied in tech marketing, citing it as the chief reason he decided to understand more about tech marketing.

“Marketing in the tech industry can be an intriguing field, particularly for those who have a foundation in psychology,” Tobenna says. “With the advancements in technology, it has become more effortless to implement psychological principles into marketing strategies.

“For instance, comprehending how the brain interprets visual data can aid in crafting more compelling advertisements, while understanding how individuals make purchasing decisions can inform product design and pricing strategies.”

Tobenna is now at a point where he enjoys what he’s doing. He’s able to put his psychology training to full use and get “intellectually stimulated” by the everyday tasks he performs at his job.

Getting to this point, however, was not a walk in the park for him despite all his prior training in marketing and psychology.

“Staying current with the evolving trends and developments in the tech marketing industry is crucial,” Tobenna says about his learning curve. “Balancing both creativity and technicality to create effective campaigns that capture the audience’s attention while still conveying the product’s technical features is quite challenging.

“[Learning about] various tools and techniques for data collection, analysis and interpretation, such as statistical analysis, data visualisation, and machine learning [to understand] the vast amount of data generated by technology [while cultivating] the skill set to analyse and extract insights from it to make informed decisions [is challenging].”

He then goes on to state that this is also what he enjoys the most about tech marketing.

Having reached a point where he is picking up skills easily and braving the challenges of constant updates to technology and the marketing strategies to deal with those technologies, Tobenna now feels like a fulfilled psychologist.

Growth Stories is a weekly series chronicling the journey of EZGrowthSchool alumni and rising stars in the tech marketing space.

Growth Stories

Photography Led me to Tech Marketing”, says Oreoluwa Ogunmola

The thing about tech marketing that makes it such a brilliant career path for anyone is how easy it is to transfer skills.

This is why Oreoluwa Ogunmola, a photographer, was able to fall in love with it and carve a path in it.

“Before I stumbled upon the tech world, I studied agronomy at the prestigious University of  Ibadan,” Oreoluwa says. “However, during my practical year, I decided to explore my creative side and delve into photography.

“Photography quickly became my passion, and it remains so today.

“It also introduced me to graphic design and social media management, as I had to promote my brand and design photo books. These skills have come in handy in my digital marketing journey.”

Life as a photographer cum digital marketer not only allowed Oreoluwa to express his innate creativity in order to attract the right customers for his budding brand, but opened up a new path for him.

“Tech transformed businesses in ways that amazed me” – Oreoluwa

Oreoluwa came to discover tech marketing when he took his new skills as a digital marketer to the job market and landed his first gig.

“My first introduction to tech [marketing] was during my job as a content creator for a food and drinks company,” Oreoluwa reminisces. “As part of my role, I had to create content that would drive traffic and sales to the company’s website.

“I was amazed at how technology transformed businesses’ marketing of products and services. I started to delve deeper into the field, reading industry news and best practices, attending webinars, and taking online courses to develop my skills.

“As I continued to explore tech marketing, I realised that it was the perfect blend of my passion for photography, design, and creativity and my interest in using technology to solve problems. 

“I was hooked and knew I wanted to build my career in this space.”

Oreoluwa would make the decision to switch gears almost immediately. He would now take his creativity as a photographer and his learned skills as a digital marketer and apply them towards tech marketing.

“I had doubts, but I believed in my ability” – Oreoluwa

But like any other big step in life, there were moments when he felt he was taking on too much. “Of course, there were moments of doubt and uncertainty along the way, as there always are with any significant decision,” he would add.

“But I didn’t let those moments hold me back. I believed in myself and my ability to learn and grow and was determined to make it work.”

At EZGrowthSchool, the learners are put through a series of intense hands-on tasks and challenges so that they can see the results of their learning first hand. This gives them more confidence when faced with interviews for roles and with future tasks.

As an alumni, Oreoluwa looks back on his time in the school with pride and gratitude. He lets out a little nervous chuckle, however, thanks to the intensity of the learning that, according to him, would sometimes see him struggle.

“Tech marketing often involves working with complex software and data, which can be intimidating for those without a solid technical background,” he points out. “However, it’s important to remember that many of these tools can be learned with practice and perseverance.

“The sheer amount of information and resources available can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start and what information is most valuable can be difficult.”

“Tech marketing is challenging and fulfilling” – Oreoluwa

As I pried further into the WHY of his decision to switch career paths and come learn at EZGrowthSchool, Oreoluwa would point out that it was not just passion or curiosity that made him choose to adapt his skills to tech marketing. It was the challenge of adapting, more than the skills, that pushed him to try and succeed.

“I enjoy the challenge of tech marketing,” Oreoluwa says with a smile. “It requires a combination of creativity, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and I find it satisfying to see my work’s impact on a business.

“Whether through increasing website traffic, generating leads, or driving sales, tech marketing allows me to see tangible results from my efforts.”

His learning has not stopped despite being beaten down and rebuilt by the careful hands of the EZGrowthSchool faculty. Now a full fledged tech marketer, he still faces the same challenges as when he just started on the path.

In fact, the actual practice is even more daunting to the fickle of heart. But not for Oreoluwa, who sees the challenge as something welcome.

“That’s part of what makes tech marketing so exciting – you never know what might work until you try it,” he says. “And when you find something that resonates with your audience, it’s incredibly rewarding to see your work’s impact on the success of your company or organisation.”


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