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Imagine this scenario.

You’ve worked as a sales person for most of your life. Your methods work. You’ve got the charm and charisma to go with it.

Then a younger sales person comes and steals your shine. You go from being the “top dog” in your organisation, to becoming the “has been”. Your charm and charisma can only get you laughs and comments like, “I’ll think about it.”

Yeah. It is pretty depressing to think about.

Now imagine you paid attention to what’s working at every point in time.

EZGrowthSchool What’s Working Conference: The “Why”

Equilibrium Zone was founded to tackle this problem and EZGrowthSchool is one of its many vehicles to drive this solution home.

Then again, it is one thing to train the next generation of growth managers and marketers, and it is another thing to send them into the world without knowing what’s working.

And so, the What’s Working Conference was conceived. As to how it was born, we are really proud of that story.

Every webinar host, course creator and coach teaches the basics.But many fail to show the people learning under them what's working.#WWC3 #ComingSoon Click To Tweet

The principal of EZGrowthSchool, Oluwamayowa Oshidero, thought it would be a brilliant way to close out each cohort.

The school would both equip them with the basic techniques and help them develop their minds to be able to think critically in the industry. But before they go, they would liaise with industry experts to learn directly from their experiences on what is and what isn’t working.

The first conference planned, executed and hosted by the members of the January 2022 cohort, was rolled out to great success. Speakers from Nigeria’s fastest rising tech startups and industry giants were present at the conference, held virtually, to speak to the members of the cohort and hundreds of invitees.

The feedback was incredible and what could have been a one time thing, became a series.

EZGrowthSchool What’s Working Conference: The “When”

So far, the EZGrowthSchool What’s Working Conference has been hosted at the end of every cohort.

The first conference happened on April 18, 2022 with the keynote topic being, “What’s Working: Staying ahead of the curve”. The session was handled by Olabinjo Adeniran, a tech marketing, crypto and venture capital guru. It wrapped up the January cohort of EZGrowthSchool.

The next cohort happened on July 30, 2022 with the keynote topic being, “Proven techniques that guarantee effective growth results”. The session was handled by Milton Tutu, the growth and marketing manager at Selar. It wrapped up the April cohort of EZGrowthSchool.

Because we are all about delivering value, we compiled the sessions into podcast episodes. You can find the sessions from both conferences here.

EZGrowthSchool What’s Working Conference: What to expect

Now, you have a general feel of what the conference is about, You’ve seen the speakers who have interacted with our students and the invitees.

But you are still wondering what you stand to gain. “I’m sure it’s more of the same,” you may be thinking.

Here’s what to expect from What’s Working Conference 3.

Industry experience – Every speaker is industry vetted. They have tried, failed and succeeded at many things to get to where they are. They will come to share actionable strategies that they discovered from years of research and engagement for you to learn from.

Industry insight – It’s not called the “What’s Working Conference” for nothing. Each experience is backed up with data, case studies and references for your personal research. You learn from the experiences shared in the sessions, and you see the data gathered from those experiences which you can pull from to equip your personal arsenal with.

Community – The conference may end with the last speaker, but it does not end as you will gain access to periodic updates on What’s Working through our comprehensive newsletters, with input from our speakers.

EZGrowthSchool What’s Working Conference 3

It’s almost time for the next What’s Working Conference and we cannot wait to unveil the speaker lineup!

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